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Disco Breakdancing Music – Funky Classics, Proto-House, Rare Disco Discoveries


Disco Bboy Breaks are some of the funkiest and most original joints from an era that coincided with the birth of the Hip-Hop movement. Over time, elements of Disco Funk found their way into many genres to follow, including most principally House music.

Tune in to Disco Breaks for extreme rareness, excavated by some of the dopest DJs in the world!

Disco Breakdancing Music takes it back to the pre-history of Bboy Breaks as one of the principle genres to contribute to the Bboy Sound. Peaking in the late 1970s, Disco left a lasting influence on Hip-Hop, House, EDM, and many other genres, and still surfaces in Pop music today.

The DJs featured on the Radio Bboy Disco Breaks Channel have been chosen based not only on skill, as we fully endorse all of the featured DJs as Officially DOPE, but mainly on music selection and creativity.

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Much Love to the Radio Bboy Featured DJs for Disco Funk!

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